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Rainbow Readings- 3 Questions-divination-prediction-readings

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Rainbow Readings- 3 Questions-divination-prediction-readings Summary

This is for 3 questions- If you want more than 3 questions please purchase more

I will need a photo, if you are asking about someone i will also need a photo of them, one where the eyes can be seen a recent photo is best. Also i will need the photos separate, so if you are asking yourself, ensure that it is only you in the photo, and noone else, if you are asking about a partner please attach a separate photo, otherwise i can receive mixed messages..

Results will be digitally delivered to you by PDF file

I have been born with psychic abilities and am a clairvoyant (seeing - a form of remote viewing), clairaudient (hearing) and clairsentient (feeling) consultant. I use rainbow readings, readings to tune in to you. When I look into the future, I sense and feel what I now believe to be “probable realities”. My visions can be mild or strong and the more vivid my visions, the greater the likelihood that they will manifest – that is to say, if you and others involved in the events or issues in question maintain your present course, it is highly probable that what I will see clearly will result, and sooner rather than later. We all have free will and, can change our destinies. You can always change your mind,heart, intent and energy and so alter the outcome of any process. Therefore readings will serve to predict the outcome as it is now, based on the flow of the energy's as they are at this moment.
When I look into the past, the information I get whether it concerns past lives, other-dimensional realities usually relates to issues with which a client is currently dealing. I ask that before your reading you take some time to seriously consider and prioritize your question. I will answer 3 questions in relation to your query. if you need the answer to something that you need to know. After purchase please email me your questions, I sometimes need a few days to receive help from your guides and helpers and any information given to you that will help you in your life right now! but usually I can answer your question within a few hours. Images and voices usually begin coming to me even while im answering your questions . The answers I get are not always yes or no and can be vague depending on other factors, that are in your life right now, the answers that are given can offer insight, or be just blunt ie yes or no, sometimes the answer can be that the question needs rephrasing or will not answer directly due to not having an answer at this time, If I cannot get an answer at this time, I can answer another question, so please ask the question in 2 separate ways. This initial information often will answer one or more of your questions, and may well be the most important message in the reading. 
I offer Rainbow readings for one question answers, this is for 3 questions only

The questions below are the ONLY questions i can answer on a 3 question reading, if you want 6 then purchase another, if you want 9 then purchase 3 rainbow readings, if 12 then 4 readings, ect.

These are the questions I can answer on a 3 question reading

1.What type of career will I find success?
2.How compatible am I with?
3.How do I fit in with my career that I have chosen?
4.What is the outlook for my relationship with?
5.What is my financial forecast?
6.Are there any upcoming changes in my career?
7.What changes are needed in my personal life?
8.What will be the outcome of my present venture?
9. what is the outlook of my proposed venture
10.How will …. React to my idea?
11.what energy shall I put forth into my current thoughts?
12.what are the prospects for a new relationship?
13.What type of person shall I look for?
14.what does ……think of me?
15. Any yes or No answer

the answers that you will receive will answer the question you have asked, and that is all, 3 questions will be answered, if you ask more, only 3 will be answered. any of the 15 questions are fine,
if you want to order, just give the question numbers that you want. alongside a photo of you and anyone else involved, ensuring you add any names as well

if you want another question, or something more in depth then purchase a FULL reading with 4 or 6 color reading this is a more in depth reading, the 4 is more for an overview of your situation and 3 month forecast and the 6 is the same but included the longer term future to have a more general view of your questions.please see my other listings I try to do my readings as soon as possible, within 24 hours, but sometimes it can take a few days to tune in to you. You can provide a photo which provides the best way of tuning in to you, or the person in question or just as must information that you are willing to give, ie d.o.b or name and location,
This initial information often will answer one or more of your questions, and may well be the most important message in the reading. Most answers will be a yes or no answer, although sometimes I can say, "yes, probably". There are no guarantees, however, often, I receive some meaningful impression. 
Sometimes people do not like what the reading will say to them, but please do not purchase if you do not want an answer, it does not always tell you what you want to hear.
The answers will sometime be vague or give you advice instead.

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Rainbow Readings- 3 Questions-divination-prediction-readings

Rainbow Readings- 3 Questions-divination-prediction-readings

This is for 3 questions- If you want more than 3 questions please purchase more I will need a photo,...

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