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Haunted Vampire Transformation, Czech Crystals Bead, Coven Cast Rare unlimited magickal powers, Item

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Haunted Vampire Transformation, Czech Crystals Bead, Coven Cast Rare unlimited magickal powers, Item Summary

Merry Meet! welcome to this listing for this wonderful spellcast item with secret vampire transformation spells to this beautiful Czech Crystals Bead by our coven near our hometown in England in the UK.
You can wear on your large hole bracelet, or european bracelet, see my other beads, and bracelets.All of our beads start as just glass beads each one is mounted into silver or gold Cores, individually by hand. Each one is selected, hand-assembled and placed onto the cores at each end then polished.. We use all types of wonderful beads. Most of our cores are 18kgp or 925 silver. All of our beads are hand made! lots of love and care goes into our craft!
I have some large size and some smaller, please choose preference you can see difference in photos, they both compatible with european bracelet.

We happen to live a few miles from the oldest recorded town in England and as a result plays host to a lot of spirits It is also home of Britain's oldest buildings and paranormal activity.
Many buildings throughout history - pagan, Roman, Saxon, centre of the Peasant's Revolt, English Civil War. Many legends and unnatural manifestations of my ancient hometown.

Vampire Transformation Item stone coven cast item
This item has been spellcast with the most powerful spells, a RARE secret passed down and performed by our coven, these spells which are cast are extreme and have the ability to give you unlimited abilities . This item is for true vampire lovers who want to change their lives
This item has the ability to give you all the benefits of being a vampire It will give you Vampiric qualities, or Vampire-like attributes and change you into a real vampire!
This item has been spellcast by witches LIMITED like this available!

This Item has the ability to transform yourself into a real living vampire

what you will achieve once transformed
amazing strength
psychic power
psychic abilities
time travel
enhanced senses
do not age
be able to seduce anyone
become attractive
sexual enhancement
Incredible levels of lust and sexual relations
Communication with spirits, animals and other past vampires
Powerful urges, desires, passion and feelings
Protection from enemies, harm, evil spirits & energies
please see my other listings for charging bag/box.

The seductive draw of the Vampire, you will become more energetic, more sexual and more alive with this item, you will halt aging as your body regenerates
It aligns your energies to the bloodline of the very first Vampires in existence.
You will become like a vampire with unlimited magickal powers, powerful energies, psychically stronger and become ageless and so much more!.
This item will give you the powers of vampires; strength, more stamina, amazing speed, and endurance like you have never known before!
Seductive and hypnotizing abilities and powers over others!
In time there will be a marked DECREASE in aging which will slow down and regenerate every cell in your body where you will appear to others to have stayed the same age forever...

Sexual contact with others regenerates and powers the keeper, increasing in power and strength, the person will have the amazing powers and abilities of the vampires. You will not be allergic to daylight, need blood or grow fangs, you will only gain the BEST parts of being a vampire!
Our spells are SAFE and you will not be in any danger with this item, you are not selling your soul and it will not affect your afterlife.
This offering is specifically spell cast with members of our coven its an extreme ritual that has been cast over many weeks its intense and not something we do very often, and im offering this extremely rare item to someone who will really benefit from its power.
It will take the keeper from up to 8-12 months to begin to have the powers of vampires, you will also be able to draw other vampires from afar, and with your developed and highly tuned psychokinesis and telekinesis skills and have influence over things such as "remote influencing", "distant influencing" without even physically being present. You will have the abilities of movement of objects, telepathy and teleportation. Your psychic force will be able to be released to influence matter.
You will take and absorb energies needed from others, in small amounts, this is what people have an abundance of anyway, so they will not notice, and use it to regenerate and maintain your own energy and powers. The energy absorbed by others will be minimal to others and therefore will not harm or deplete others energy supplies. If you and someone else were to both own an item such as this, you will both be protected from absorbing each others energy and therefore act as a protection.

This is a permanent change to you, and owning this item will allow gradual changes to happen over a period of time, if you want the process stopped for any reason, contact us and we will be able to do this for you, we have been around for a very long time and always have experienced practitioners around to help.

This wonderful item will help you in every area of your life, it will transform , enhance and better your life transforming your existence.
This series of spells placed onto this item will change you so you eventually think, feel better more regenerated and that you have hold of a special secret that makes you different to everyone else, you will feel more alive, more virile and younger than you have ever felt before.

All the experiences will be beneficial to you, you will become more psychically attuned to others, animals and have visions, these may be sudden or may come to you in dreams, you will have enhanced senses, your ability to see into the future, the past and you may experience thoughts not your own, these will be the thoughts of others. Your third eye powers will be strong and you will be able to sense spirits and visions of yours and others future events.
You will feel a sense of doom when something bad is about to happen and be able to protect yourself from danger, your skills will help you and others.
The complete process will take approximately a few years for it to become completely permanent, everyone develops at different rates as a guide approx 4 years.

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Haunted Vampire Transformation, Czech Crystals Bead, Coven Cast Rare unlimited magickal powers, Item

Haunted Vampire Transformation, Czech Crystals Bead, Coven Cast Rare unlimited magickal powers, Item

Merry Meet! welcome to this listing for this wonderful spellcast item with secret vampire transformation...

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